A day of catching…

Cat Island and Eleuthera are separated by 20 miles of deep ocean.  Most of it half a mile deep or more.  But… there is a narrow underwater “bridge” about 80 feet below the ocean that links these two islands.  With deep ocean water on both sides, steep drop-offs, and complex currents this is a place where fish large and small congregate, so of course it was the place for us to be today too… A short afternoon, and we had a king mackerel, and three different kinds of grouper in the boat.

We again saw roving schools of tuna tearing into bait, and managed to get a few strikes, but no hook-ups.

Tonight we are anchored out at Half Moon Bay off of the island of Little San Salvador.  It is a beautiful and quiet place most of the time, but a couple days a week the anchorage is crowded by several thousand other people, who all arrive on one boat…


Half Moon Bay on a bad day…

I think tomorrow might be another fishing day…

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