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And you thought Seagulls were bad?

If you have ever kept a boat docked around saltwater you know the war that boat owners are constantly waging against seagulls and related birds.  They think boats make perfectly good bedrooms, which wouldn’t be too bad, but they also … Continue reading

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What to Use to Catch Fish?

If you have any familiarity with fishing or fisherman you know everybody has there own favorite lure to use.  Favorite type, or colors, or brand name.  The ONE that is the BEST and catches fish when nothing else will.  There … Continue reading

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Life Sucks if You are an Anchovy in Monterey…

Despite the major die off of anchovies in the marina here yesterday, there are still large number of them swimming around the marina.  There are still lots and lots of things eating them. The birds are busy eating dead stinky … Continue reading

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Up the Food Chain in Monterey Harbor

This post was going to be about the sail we took out of the harbor yesterday to catch some fish. So I could brag about catching right where and when I expected. Which I did. Cute, eh?  But more interesting … Continue reading

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